2019 Board of Directors



President:  Beth Huegli


Vice-President/Fundraising:  Taylor Beusse


Treasurer:  Bob Kirchgessner


Volunteer Coordinator:  Jill Gebben


Team Website / Social Media Manager / Secretary:  Alyssa Albers


Communications:  Julie + Tom Williams


Manager of Uniforms and Equipment:  Amy Coretti


Events:  Beth Graff


Members At Large:  Luke Griemsman



Coaching Staff:



Head Coach: Kate Brondyk


Assistant Coach : Kelsey Chun


JV Coach : Maggie Doele


Middle School Coach: Arija Tyminski



We need YOU!


The EGR Field Hockey Board has many many dedicated families to thank who keep the program running smoothly year in and year out.  The upcoming 2018 season though finds us with a few spots yet available that we would love to fill with new player parents,  or ones that have been watching on the sidelines for a few years and would like to get a little more involved this coming season. Please contact President Beth Huegli with questions or ideas:  www.egrfieldhockey.org