Volunteering Commitment

Volunteering Commitment required of parents who wish to sign up their player for fall field hockey at East Grand Rapids: 

The Board of EGRFH is honored to support the tremendous girls of the EGR Field Hockey Program! A small volunteer board  cannot do it alone though and are grateful for your support; without which the opportunity to play this sport would simply not be possible for any of our players.   Please be advised that participation in this program requires a parent commitment as follows:  

1.  Work at two (2) home games;

2.  Sign-up and drive players to three (3) away games;

3. Provide healthy food/snacks for your child for road trips to games and occasionally a pot luck dish for a team-bonding dinner. 

We recognize this is a greater commitment than in  years’ past as we have added two teams to our league and the team size is substantial.  Field Hockey program has grown exponentially at East in the last year and we are thrilled to see the enthusiasm and commitment of so many talented young athletes.   We are very grateful for your sacrifice of time and money to get players to the games & help create a competitive and active program.

-The EGR Field Hockey Board of Directors