Meet Field Hockey: Your Daughter’s Favorite Sport

The sportsmanship our players experience and learn to demonstrate by learning the game of Field Hockey builds character and teaches the importance of real teamwork—skills that will permeate off the field through the rest of their lives.  When a girl is placed on the EGR Field Hockey team,  we make it our mission to have them feel the biggest impact of what sports offers:  friendship and community.

If you seek an incredibly challenging and fun sport that combines teamwork, exercise, into a fast paced game; join EGR Field Hockey.  “Fockey” is a versatile sport for all ages of girls or women; it doesn’t matter whether you’re a seasoned player or it’s your first time, Fockey can be for everyone and anyone.  We believe that physical fitness & enjoyment of sports should be an integral part of a player’s life, which is why we constantly strive to create an environment that balances fun, team-building, but always mastery of key fundamental skills—all of which come together in the sport of field hockey.

In middle school competition, experienced coaches at EGR Field Hockey will guide even the most novice of players; from the basic grip-handling techniques and correct stance to the quick footwork and strategic plays.  We strive to help everyone get up to speed and comfortable in the game–this isn’t the hyper-competitive atmosphere that many other leagues may adopt (although we like to win!) We feel learning a new sport should be education and fun at this stage emphasizing the solid mastery of the proper technique and fundamentals. This can certainly be achieved while having a great deal of fun as a team.

Here at EGR Field Hockey, we pride ourselves on being more than just a high school club sport.  We like to believe we’re helping build community through our passion for Field Hockey. After home and school, it’s often athletic fields and facilities that are a big 3rd priority in a child’s life and as such, we take our responsibility as community organizers and leaders very seriously.

We’re positive your daughter will have a great time while becoming even more fit & strong, healthy, and energetic.  Consider registering today and we look forward to seeing you on the field!

The EGR Field Hockey Program